Report an Accident

In most cases, you should call us first whenever you need to report an accident or claim at (585) 589-4477. Here are notes and after-hours numbers for several of our companies:


Erie Insurance
After hours service: (800) 367-3743
Glass Claims can be reported directly: (800) 552-3743

Progressive All claims must be reported directly to Progressive: (800) 925-2886





(800) 252-4633

(800) 234-6926

(800) 332-3226

The Hanover
(800) 628-0250

Utica National
(800) 216-1420

Erie and Niagara Insurance Association
(800) 234-9876

Allegany Co-op Insurance Company
After Hours 24 Hour Emergency Claim Service: (800) 501-5787

Genesee Patrons Coop Insurance Company
(800) 343-6496

United Frontier Mutual Insurance Company
(800) 352-0908
After hours: David Langendorfer, 716-417-2242
Online Information

Countryway Insurance
Business Hours (Monday thru Friday 8:00am – 4:30am EST) (800) 828-6862
After hours: (888) 223-3649

You can also reach us after hours with any claim emergencies. Just call our regular phone number; our answering system will give you home numbers of staff members who are on-call.

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